Three steps to
apartment ownership


Step 1 – reservation

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find an answer to all your questions, even the most detailed ones. To reserve an apartment, you first have to read and sign a reservation agreement. During this step, you will be asked to choose your preferred storage area and parking space. Additional fees apply to the storage area and parking space.

The apartment reservation will take effect after we receive the reservation fee, which is 3000 euros per apartment. The reservation on your chosen apartment(s) will remain in force from the receipt of the reservation fee until the end of the time limit of the agreement. During this period, the apartment will be marked as reserved on our website and in sales portals and we will not sell the apartment to any third persons.

While the reservation agreement is in force, you will have time to talk with your bank if needed, and to examine the interior design packages and plans. We will always be available to answer any questions.


Step 2 – contract under law of obligations

Before the time limit of the reservation agreement expires, you will need to sign a contract under the law of obligations. This is a notarised purchase and sales contract to make you the future owner of the apartment. With this contract, we will agree on what your apartment will be like, when it will be completed and how much it will cost. The prerequisite for signing the contract under law of obligations is that the buyer has made a payment in the amount of 15% of the value of the transaction.

While the apartment building is still under construction, you can skip the reservation agreement and immediately sign a notarised purchase and sales contract. In this case, however, please note that we will have the right to offer the same apartment to other interested persons before signing a contract, meaning that whomever is prepared to conclude the contract first will be prioritised. If you are prepared to pay more than 15% of the transaction price when signing the contract under law of obligations, make sure to inquire about a discount!


Step 3 – real rights contract

When the apartment is ready for delivery, a notarial real rights contract is signed and the outstanding 85% of the transaction price must be paid. If your bank is involved then this will be done by the bank. After that, the right of ownership of the apartment is transferred. Before signing the real rights contract, we will inspect the apartment together, take note of any deficiencies and eliminate them before signing the contract, or note them in the contract as unfinished work. This makes you the owner of the apartment and you will be given the keys together with a nice little gift. The apartment comes with a minimum two-year warranty. The detailed terms and conditions are provided in the contract, and we will give you all the relevant instructions after finalising the transaction.

Included in the apartment sales price

Availability of connections within the apartment based on the design and the interior finishing package (i.e. sanitary fittings)

The fee for the construction and connection of utilities (electricity, water and sewerage)

Readiness to be linked with data communication, telephone, security services, cable TV or digital networks

Excluded from the apartment sales price

Notary and state fees related to the signing of the sales contract

Fees for connecting to telephone, data communication, cable TV and security networks

Storage area and parking space fee

Requested modifications and supplements to the design

Right to change prices

The seller reserves the right to amend the prices of unsold apartments.

The amounts for any extra work and special designs will be settled separately from the price of the apartment, but can be added to the bank loan.

Modifications will include a processing fee. We will calculate the cost of any modifications. Detailed calculations will be made after receiving the processing fee, but we will let you know of the estimated size of the cost of modifications.

Partner offers

Home loan from Luminor

Buying home from Alpina, Luminor can offer You:

  • Income to existing bank account can remain unchanged, it is not compulsory to transfer Your income to Luminor account
  • You will be contacted in one day
  • Personal client manager
  • Agreement fee: 0 €
  • Discount for real estate valuation


The loan provider is Luminor Bank AS. Before concluding a loan agreement, please read the loan agreement terms and conditions, and risks related to non-fulfilment of obligations arising from the loan agreement and if necessary, consult an expert.

Celina Živel – 55 92 07 15

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