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We develop, construct and market sustainable and energy efficient homes with modern architecture. We create well-integrated functional and innovative living environments. Homes that consider people’s needs and lifestyle in the 21st century.

Homes created by Alpina stand out. They are places you are always happy to return to. What does our client value and expect? Based on the client’s profile, we develop a project, an architectural vision, a design, smart home solutions and all the other major and minor details. A harmonious and environmentally conscious approach is integral to all Alpina developments, regardless of the size or location of the home.

Not simply Class A.

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Alpina tries to set a new standard. Every apartment building development has that something extra. This might be an especially budget-friendly heating and cooling system based on geothermal energy that cuts down on costs and ensures an ideal room temperature every season. Or stand-out architecture that uses custom-made façade tiles and features hallways with five-metre ceilings and glass-panelled walls, balconies with steel railings and pitched roofs made of panels. Or we might elevate the project with large outside areas, bicycle parking racks, bicycle cleaning stations and especially convenient parking spaces.

We are already using these solutions in the development projects we are currently working on. Our ideas know no bounds and we are committed to making sure that upon buying a home developed by Alpina, you always get something extra. It is a given that development and construction work is of a high quality.

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Alpina is lead by management team with more than 10 years of experience in real estate market in Estonia and abroad. We have accumulated know-how in real estate, finance, construction and green energy tech solutions, so we know exactly what we are doing, how we want to do it and where we want to be in the next 10 years.

All Alpina developments must be sustainable, ergonomic and aesthetically contribute to the urban space.

Our vision with Alpina was to create a dynamic new real estate company with a modern business model, a holistic and sustainable approach to real estate development and an emphasis on smart real estate solutions. In Alpina we only build affordable homes with high energy efficiency.



More than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business development, strategy, real estate, energy and fund management. Pirmin has built up and developed several energy and real estate businesses, even fintech. 

Master of arts in corporate finance. Best consultant 2011/2012 in EY.


More than 10 years of experience in real estate and investment management. A savvy financial professional with CFO and CIO positions as partner in real estate development, advisory and asset management companies.

Master of Arts in corporate finance and MRICS certificate.



Nõmme tee 70 / Linnu Kodud

Capacity: 18 apartments
Completion: 2023 December
Architect: AB Korrus

Juurdeveo 8, Väike-Tallinn

Capacity: 12 apartments
Completion: 2022 December
Architect: Kauss
Constructor: 1Partner Ehitus

Vääna tn 3a, Nõmme

Capacity: 12 apartments
Completion: 2024 December
Architect: AB Korrus

Hoiu 3c, Laagri

Capacity: 90 apartments
Completion: 2026

Alpina partners have made:

  • numerous real estate valuations and investment advices across the Baltics

  • advised over 500 million euro worth of real estate transaction the Baltics

  • numerous real estate projects in development companies: concept, business plan, funding and product preparation for greenfield projects

  • raising equity and different debt instruments for pan-Balic cash flow and development projects (residential, DIY, grocery chains) from local private individuals and global institutions

  • pan-Baltic asset and property management in retail, residential, office and logistics


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